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    China's building materials of xi 'an wall materials research and design institute is mainly engaged in wall roofing materials factory design, consulting, project general contracting business, particularly in solid waste production of new energy-saving wall roofing material research and design has a wealth of practical experience. The industry's technical information and services for quality supervision and inspection.
    Xi 'an wall materials research and design institute has a number of relatively excellent talent team, and has a very rich technical experience in the field of wall materials of experts and scholars. School of existing staff 152 people, professional and technical personnel 128 people, have high, intermediate technical titles accounted for more than 60%, including senior engineers, 12, enjoy special government allowances of the eight.
    Our hospital has relatively perfect office and experimental infrastructure. Have advanced thermal analysis laboratory, X-ray diffractometer, particle analyzer, various strength testing machine, cold storage and various kinds of wall materials testing equipment and instruments, can detect nearly hundred kinds of wall materials, and be able to provide research experimental instruments and equipment of various wall materials.
Scope of business:
    1, design and consulting, engineering general contracting: with shale, clay, and fly ash, coal gangue, contrast, metallurgical mining, the Yangtze river silt, urban sludge, sea mud, municipal waste as raw materials, production of hollow bricks, porous brick, all kinds of tiles, ceramsite, all kinds of block and plate, etc., in the early period of the project research, investment consulting, project proposal and feasibility study report writing, design, technical guidance, supervision and engineering general contracting.
    2, scientific research and development: new type wall materials products, energy efficient production equipment, a single annual output of 30 million pieces or 100000 M3 of large-scale production line, the production of new wall materials products matching with equipment, new energy saving wall structure, such as research and development, solve the technical problems encountered in production of enterprises, to undertake national and local research topic.
    3, information services: "bricks" and "wall materials science and technology and information" magazine issue of information network (www.brick-tile.com.cn), the national wall materials management and website maintenance.
    4, quality testing, all kinds of wall roofing material and road brick quality supervision and inspection, engineering.
    5, the standard system revision: all kinds of wall roofing material and road brick products, production technology and equipment, and application of the revision of the standard system,.
    6, equipment manufacturing, production, sintering brick block with building blocks, plates, and other products of all kinds of size of the whole production line, part of the equipment, accessories processing and sales.