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    China building materials xi 'an wall materials research and design institute is a professional scientific research and design institute of China building material group company subordinates. Built courtyard nearly 40 years has been committed to sintered clay products, porous brick, hollow brick, etc. The research and development of new wall materials, engineering design, engineering contracting and project supervision work. Over the years has been the sintering brick and tile industry in our country's science and technology, information center, successively undertook the building materials industry of the national key research project study design topic, host in shale, clay, and comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, fly ash of more than 200 scientific research and technology development, has for more than 20 provinces and regions in China and Nepal, Russia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Mongolia and other countries manufacturers successfully completed more than two hundred annual output of 10 million ~ 230 million pieces of the size of the large and medium-sized brick production line. In all the coal gangue, fly ash sintered hollow brick and other industrial waste comprehensive utilization of the industry recognized achievements, and access to national and provincial research and design achievement award, granted by the state economic and trade commission and the title of "national advanced unit" comprehensive utilization of resources.
    China's building materials of xi 'an wall materials research and design institute is currently engaged in China wall roofing materials sintered products is directly under the original national building research design of the only professional design institutes of scientific research, national grade a engineering design and construction general contracting and engineering consulting supervision qualification of grade a.
    UN China wall roofing materials development center, national building materials industry wall roofing material quality surveillance test center and national laboratories, national building materials industry brick heat energy testing center, the national wall materials science and technology information network such as a national professional institutions are located in xi 'an wall materials research and design institute in the Chinese building materials.
Tile magazine is the only industry sponsored by the national building materials science core journals, issued at home and abroad with its wide coverage, rich in content, volume and the reader's affection. Sponsored by the China wall materials information web site (www.brick-tile.com.cn) large amount of information, for the industry to provide convenient and quick information and consulting services.
    China building materials research and design institute has always been to xi 'an wall materials science and technology as the forerunner, trade, technological progress as the wall materials in China for the development of each historical period, has played an indelible positive effect, and the leaders at all levels, experts and industry tongren support and help, in this express my heartfelt thanks!
    Our hospital is a poly wall materials research and development, engineering design and consulting, project contracting, quality standards and monitoring and information services for the integration of science and technology enterprises, forty years of internal force of scientific research and the accumulation of experience, has built more than two hundred of fly ash, coal gangue sintered hollow brick production line, the vigorous development of sintered wall materials in China and the technological progress made outstanding contributions, at the same time, succeeded in developing countries such as Malaysia, myanmar, Algeria has built more than sintered brick production line, won the foreign good evaluation. Over the years, the design results have been impressive, outstanding performance.
    We take "do a project, an enterprise, a model tree, a group of friends" for the purpose, constantly through technical innovation, honest and trustworthy, careful design, careful construction, quality service in the industry, expand the international market, carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation around the world, so as to implement the strategy of the sustainable development of science and technology is popular the courtyard and improve their own core competitiveness. In the face of wall materials science and technology progress with each passing day, we will continue to grasp the opportunity and meet the challenge, give a full play to the superiority of the design of scientific research strength, with new ideas to promote the reform, the new idea development, each project construction into high technical content, good economic efficiency, low energy consumption, high-quality goods project of ecological environment beauty, make the owner to get the best investment efficiency.

    Business scope: wall roofing materials factory design, consulting, project contracting, equipment manufacturing, scientific research and development and technical services, the wall roofing material and road square brick product quality supervision and inspection, kiln equipment testing, preparing for a thermal wall materials industry expo, information services, import and export business, etc.